Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! If an item was damaged or broken during the shipping process you may contact us for an exchange. We will ask you to send back the item and we will proceed to ship you, free of charge, a new item.
You must pay the return fee and we will pay the replacement fee.

We do accept these kind of returns!
The process will go as follows;
1. You will need to send back the item to our store. You will also need to pay for the return shipping fees.
2. Once we receive the item, we will send you a full refund on your order, but we cannot refund the shipping price.
3. IF the item never returns to our store, we cannot send you a refund. So make sure you have our full address correct and in hand if you must return an item.


On the shipping option page, you will have seen the number of business days that your order should take to arrive to your location. IF the item is late, please give the shipment two more weeks before contacting us. If it still hasn't arrived after those two weeks, please email us at ! We will be glad to help!

COVID 19: We are aware that many orders are not arriving on time due to the shipping issues caused by the pandemic. Please keep this in mind when ordering and waiting for your order!

So you have waited two extra weeks for your order and you still haven't gotten your parcel?
We are very sorry for the inconvinience and we are here to help!
Here is what we can offer you!

1. We can send your another order, free of charge. However, we will ask for you to pay the shipping fees another time.

2. We can refund your full order, minus the shipping fees.

For all missing orders please send an email to !

Hiodollz's Shop is located in Quebec, Canada!
We ship all order out from our little office in the country side. 

Yes, I offer shipping options for both US customers and International customers! 

We like to ship out our orders every two weeks at the very least.
We try to ship out all orders between 3 to 7 days after purchase. The earlier the better!

Thanks for visiting our page!